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The Value of an Engaging Teacher

I had a teacher in high school named Chris Campbell. He was as transparent as it got, he just wanted what was best for the kids. No matter which kid, didn’t matter, he was there to help and make the school a great place. He was the Vice Principal for most of my high school years but he also taught social studies 11. Arguably the most boring class you can take in high school. He made it the best class. Recycled jokes from 10 years prior, hand drawn to every quiz and exam. Non-stop variety show type stuff just to get you interested in the history of our country. And he did. He did for everyone. The kids who didn’t go to school would skip class till his class, show up, go to Socials 11, and then go home. They felt they couldn’t let Mr. C down. It was fun to watch and be a part of it all.

He actually got me involved in coaching and next year marks year 20 for me, not only in coaching but since I was in socials 11. I guess that’s a good way to feel old but thinking about this it makes me realize I can be a better leader, a better coach, a better friend, teammate, husband, dad, son, the whole thing. What did he do that made people go out of their way to give him their best effort? What made him special? Here are a few things I've broken it down to that I think can help all of us, and especially myself in the quest to do better.

Sincerity- no one could question his sincerity or his actions. His words were backed up with his smile, his effort, his attitude, you could see right through it all and appreciate that he was the real deal.

Humility- he took this one to the next level, always passed along all the positives of the school to the principal and never took credit himself. Just wanted the team to win and was a bundle of happiness for others peoples successes.

Thoughtful- went out of his way to check up on the kids who would fall behind, offer extra help, make people excited about a topic that really isn't exciting and shared his message with us all at the highest level possible.

Engaging- once he walked through the door the show started. He always had something crazy happening before he walked in the door but when the door opened it was show time. He came in guns a blazing and realized that kids don’t care what your problems are they just want to learn and be entertained and he did that the best I've ever seen.

Most of us have someone like this in our lives that really set a great example. That proved it every day. That made those around them want to do and be better. They are the example and its up to the rest of us to try and match their energy and excitement and bring some others along with us. He retired last year but the thousands of kids he taught will always remember the hustle!

Thank you Mr. C!

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1 Comment

Kate Bingham
Kate Bingham
Feb 26, 2021

Such a legend! He had time for everybody, didn’t matter who you were. He made everyone feel special and important, knowing everyone’s name! He truly cared! I was lucky to coach with him and work with him for 9 years.

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