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Going Above and Beyond: Disney trip Part 2

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

Every time I go to Disneyland I am reminded of the things that I need to remember to help our company grow and I am more focused on my work when I get back. Here are a few things I noticed this past time.

1) Keep the lines moving: If you compare Disney to other theme parks the efficiency is on a totally different level. The lines are moving, the people who run the lines on the rides get people on the rides and create a fantastic atmosphere. The lineup areas have great customer service, a great aura and lots of thought behind them. When you wait for Indiana Jones you get to see all the cool architecture and old cave-like areas just like from the movie. At Star Tours you get to see figurines talk to you, grand areas with high ceilings, and a great cool atmosphere that distracts you from the fact that you are sometimes waiting a couple hours for a ride. Before you know it you are at the front and getting on a ride that is sure to keep you entertained for a couple minutes, which usually makes the time waiting worthwhile!

2) Keep the place clean and organized: It starts in the parking lot, they guide you from the street to your parking stall in the morning and do not leave for any wasted time. You go in and don’t search for a spot, they find you a spot right away, because they want you in the park spending money. Then you get on a tram, it’s clean and organized, the people you deal with are nice and friendly and they get you to the front of the park. The walkways are spotless. Doesn’t matter how many people go through, the place doesn’t look any cleaner at the beginning of the day then it does at the end of the day.

3) You are never too busy to help the customer: My wife wanted a picture of us on something, she asked the guy cleaning the street if he could take the picture. He didn’t tell her to get lost, he said absolutely, took his gloves off, put his street cleaning thing to the side and gladly smiled and took about 20 pictures. He did one angle, then switched to another angle. It was impressive and we were thankful.

4) Give people the opportunity to spend more money, they will: So you didn’t think you needed a toy story shot class or cowboy hat? Well once you get off the ride, you will have to go through a store and you start asking yourself if you can really live without that T-shirt of the humpty dumpty pig from the movie…

5) Everyone will help you any time you ask for anything if they work for Disney: If you go to Walmart and ask someone where something is, there is a 50% chance they have any idea. Of the 50% that say they know, only 50% of the time do they actually send you in the right direction. Sometimes they just make it up so you can leave them alone. At Disney, they know where you are trying to go, then they go out of their way to help you figure out where you are going.

6) Passion in what you do is important: The people that work at Disney are not solving the big crisis of the world but they go out of their way to help you and make your stay as joyful as they possibly can. From selling you a dole whip to giving you some comedy as you go on your jungle boat cruise. The experience is something you never forget and you become an advocate for the brand. You gladly share how great it is because the people who work there and the people who put the place together really do go out of their way to make you feel great.

At Disneyland you really do create memories you remember forever. It gives you a chance to be more idealistic and think what can I do to help those around me feel great about what they are doing or how can I help with whatever they are doing or need. It even got me to clean up my travel bag a bit before we left the hotel to come home. Who knows how long these lessons will stick with me but for now it has enhanced the experience of going to work this week! I guess I better go back in a few months just to make sure I’m at my best at the office 😉


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