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Are You Taking Advice from the Right People?

I think one of the biggest things that people need to be very cognizant of during Covid is who is in our ear and how much power we give the voices around us.

I’ve made a personal decision during Covid to avoid explaining other people’s decisions, as I find lots of weird things are happening. (I’m sure others look at me and think what the heck is this guy doing)

I feel like it’s not a time to judge people for making the decisions they make and just let people deal with this whole situation however they feel the need.

Whether it be in the office, in your regular life, or in the sports scene, we all have people we go to when we need some advice or an ear to listen to us complain. We all do it. The thing that I think is one of the most important things you can do in this time is analyze the people who you are relying on for advice.

A lot of people are giving us advice they think we want to hear, or that may benefit themselves, or may totally be inaccurate. We as people need to not just run with advice but analyze it and figure out if it’s for us.

Coach isn’t giving me enough shots in our basketball games… Maybe the advice we need is, well… Are you in the gym shooting every morning? Do you have great form? Are you a great teammate? What’s your body language like? Are you ignoring what the coach is saying to just get the shots you want? Maybe Timmy is getting more shots because he shoots a higher percentage, has higher energy, gets other people involved, and ohhh maybe he plays defense so the coach can leave him out here more often.

I’m using basketball as an example because there are so many variables that other people may not think of when giving you the advice we are searching. So it’s important to be more critical of ourselves and ask OURSELVES the tough questions.

Who are the people who are the most loyal in our lives?

Who are the people who stick up for us in tough situations?

Who are the people who actually have our best interests in mind?

Reward those people with your kindness and never take them for granted.

And as most basketball coaches will tell you, sometimes the answer is to call the person you might have a problem with and have a conversation. Go directly to the source and see what the game plan is or if they can help you.

We are all going through things right now, let’s all make sure we are getting the right people to help us get to the other side!


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